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Check out what others have said about The Yellow Cap Garage!

"I've designed some pretty graphics before, but never worked on a car. The DVD from Yellow Cap Garage showed me everything I needed! The amazing part is finding myself working on my own car and it being easy!
- Jeff Grosso, Wisconsin

"I have watched the entire video. The filming quality was great! Lighting was great! I wish I had found this video earlier!! There is nothing like watching how to fix a car, far superior than reading text."
- Fedrick Wong, British Columbia, Canada

"I've got 1972 911 and a 1975 914. I cannot tell you how much enjoyment your first DVD has given me. Being able to work on my babies myself is a dream come true. Reading the Haynes manual doesn't give you the confidence that the DVD does. Thank you so much!!"
- Darren Cook, Oklahoma

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