Do-It-Yourself Porsche 911 Carrera Video Series


Looking for a Mechanic you can trust?
                    How about yourself!

The YCG website is dedicated to the novice mechanic in most of us who has a passion for speed & a desire to understand how it all works. Our explicit step-by-step videos will give you the knowledge and confidence to do most 911 projects on your own car. From the basic tune-up (big bucks!), valve adjustments, brake maintenance, electrical systems, suspension system, transmission, exhaust system, a/c system and other jobs you could have never imagined in your wildest dreams of doing yourself, the Yellow Cap Garage will step you through the entire process.

So pick up a wrench and let’s get started!!

"I've got 1972 911 and a 1975 914.  I cannot tell you how much enjoyment your first DVD has given me.  Being able to work on my babies myself is a dream come true!  Reading the Haynes manual doesn't give you the confidence that the DVD does.  Thank you so much!!"                              
  - Darren Cook,  Oklahoma

YCG has now released the Red Cap Garage branded DVDs for performing Secondary Air Injection (SAI) & Tune-Ups for the 993 along with (3) specialty tools that helps makes doing the SAI maintenance much easier!

To reward our loyal customers for their patience, for a limited time only you will received a free t-shirt, hat or polo when you order both the 993 Tune-Up & SAI DVDs!!

"Yellow Cap Garage has partnered with the guys to create a 993 tune-up DVD. The new RCG DVD has a different look & feel from the YCG brand DVD but can still be used by the first time mechanic!
Along with the first RCG 993 DVD we will be offering new tools & apparel with the release sometime this summer" - A tribute to one of the finest sports cars ever built, Porsche 911 Carrera

Realplayer Video Downloads are now here & complete DVD downloads are now available at $10.00 off the regular DVD price!!


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